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We have taken care of our customers for over 36 years. Many of our brands--Audio Research Corporation, Vandersteen Audio, Wilson Audio, Linn and Rega --have consistently scored at the top of independent dealer loyalty surveys in overall reliability and satisfaction.

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Stereophile Magazine, Blue Note Recording, Vandersteen Audio & Audio Research Corporation spend an evening together at the Fort Collins home of the Audio Alternative

More than 100 people attended the Music Matters Symposium at the Fort Collins, CO home of the Audio Alternative on May 21.  

Michael Fremer played both high resolution digital vs analog LP selections and reviewed the new Glass, Audio Desk LP cleaning system now on active display at the Audio Alternative.

Joe Harley packed the downstairs show room with an evening of classic jazz from the Blue Note classic reissue LP collection along with telling the Blue Note story and showing the high resolution images of Blue Note recording artists.

Richard Vandersteen entertained questions from attendees about Vandersteen loudspeaker design principles and the Vandersteen Model 7 loudspeaker.  Dave Gordon, from Audio Research Corporation answered questions about the ARC electronics featured in both systems used for the evening programs. 

Visit this link to our events page to view more images from this event.
Michael Fremer, Dave Gordon, Richard Vandersteen, Rick Duplisea & Joe Harley in front of the Audio Alternative

New Products at the Audio Alternative
Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday 11 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. - Saturday 10 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.                  Phone: 970.221.1496 Email:

The Wilson Audio Alexia with 8 and 10 inch Woofers, a 7 inch Midrange driver and 1 inch dome tweeter and the proprietary Wilson X & S materials for cabinet construction
The Wilson Audio Sasha Series-2 with two 8 inch Woofers, a 7 inch Midrange driver and 1 inch dome tweeter and Wilson proprietary X & S materials for cabinet construction
Brinkmann Audio Now at The Audio Alternative
Come in and listen to the New Brinkmann Spyder Turntable with 10.5" Tonearm with RöNt tube power supply and Harmonic Resolution Systems Dedicated Base
Brinkmann Balance Turntable with 12.1" Tonearm and Dedicated HRS Base
Brinkmann RöNt II Tube Power Supply
Brinkmann Spyder w/10.5" Tonearm 
The New Wilson Audio Alexia, Sasha Series-2 and Duette Series-2 Loudspeakers are now on Active Display at The Audio Alternative! 

The Audio Alternative is proud to have the new Wilson Audio Alexia in Diamond 
Black finish, the Wilson Audio Sasha Series-2 in Carmen Red finish, the Wilson Audio Sophia 3 loudspeakers and just released Wilson Audio Duette Series-2 loudspeakers all on active display
Three Audio Legends (OK, maybe two) Peter McGrath (L) and Dan D'Agostino (R) with Rick Duplisea (C) owner of the Audio Alternative
Andrea Brinkmann, spinning up the next LP on the just released Brinkmann Audio Spyder Turntable in Suite #9030
Both of the Audio Alternatives Rooms, #9026 (above), and Suite #9030 (right) were packed for the entire show.  If we can turn a couple of hotel room into such a positive listening experience, Imagine what the Audio Alternative can help you achieve in your home!
Rick making final adjustments on the AMG Viella 12 Turntable and Tonearm with Lyra Kleos MC Cartridge in Room #9026 before the show.

Our good friend Michael Fremer (C) and attendees hanging out in Room #9026
Room #9026, premiering the D'Agostino Master Audio Systems 200wpc Momentum Integrated preamplifier/amplifier and the new Wilson Audio Duette Series 2 loudspeakers.  Also in support, the AMG Viella 12 turntable, Audio Research Corporation Reference 2 Phono Stage, Marantz UD7007 SACD/Blu-ray player.  On static display the D'Agostino Momentum Preamplifier and mono block amplifiers. Equipment support provided by the new Harmonic Resolution Systems RXR Stands and R1 and M3X supports.  All interconnects by Audioquest. 
The "Big Room", Suite #9030 known as one of the "Best Rooms" year after year at RMAF.  This year we featured the new Vandersteen Audio Model 7Mk II Loudspeakers paired with the Vandersteen M7-HPA Amplifiers.  The front end of this year's system was headlined by the new Brinkmann Audio Spyder turntable with two Brinkmann10.1” Tone Arms and Lyra Atlas M.C. Cartridge & Kleos Mono M.C. cartridges, Audio Research Reference 5SE Preamplifier, Reference 2SE Phone Preamplifier and Reference CD9 Compact Disc Player/DAC.  All interconnects are from Audioquest, their WBY analog and Diamond USB and Fire-wire cables.  Equipment support is from Harmonic Resolution Systems including the HRS SXR Isolation Stands and M3X Isolation Bases.

Thank you to all of our friends and customers, both new and old for making the 2014 RMAF a show to remember. We also want to thank our friends Richard Vandersteen & Shane Buettner at Vandersteen Audio, Dave Gordon from the Audio Research Corporation, Peter McGrath from Wilson Audio, Andrea Brinkmann from Brinkmann Audio, Dan D'Agostino, Harry Chung and Francesco Rossi from D'Agostino Master Audio Systems and last but certainly not least Michael Latvis from Harmonic Resolution Systems for their support.  Thank you all!
Shane Buettner and the Audio Alternative played the Beatles on Mono vs Stereo for show attendees and the audio press in Suite #9030
"The 2014 RMAF Another Stunning Show"

 Jason Victor Serinus' in Room #9026...

"This System Really Rocked Out"
"In one of their many rooms, the Audio Alternative of Fort Collins showcased a luscious system that paired an AMG Viella 12 turntable, a Linn LP12 table with Lingo Mk.III power supply both outfitted with Lyra Kleos MC cartridges, with a D'Agostino Master Audio Systems' integrated amplifier, Audio Research Corporation's Reference 2SE phono preamp, and Wilson Duette Series 2 loudspeakers with dedicated stands . With AudioQuest cabling and Harmonic Resolution Systems stands and bases completing the chain.

This system really rocked out in a mean way on Jeff Beck's Debut LP from 1968...the system nonetheless succeeded in digging into the meat of the percussion on my SACD of Revueltas' Sensemaya, and conveying it wonderfully."
"For John Atkinson, Michael Fremer, and myself, RMAF 2014 ascended to a higher dimension with the opportunity to compare pristine pressings of three tracks on original Beatles stereo LPs with their mono equivalents in the new Beatles mono box set. To say that the stereos, which were provided by music lover Shane Buettner of Brinkmann USA and Vandersteen, paled before mono remasters is an understatement..."
"Mustering behind the lead of Fort Collins dealer The Audio Alternative, Audio Research and Vandersteen put on their usual excellent show..."
RMAF 2014: Rocky Mtn. High On The Sound at Audio Alternative!
Roy Gregory, European Editor, the Audio Beat Magazine
Jason Victor Serinus' thoughts on Suite 9030 and The Beatles Mono vs Stereo Sessions...
Roy Gregory's Thoughts on The Audio Alternatives Suite 9030

Playing Simon and Garfunkle tracks, there was a beautiful sense of distinction and texture in the harmonies, with a grip, attack and authority to the guitars, backing and percussion that you wouldn’t expect from this material. On jazz, rhythms were notably fluid and expressive, with suitably explosive horn interjections. There will definitely be those who prefer the more holistic and spatial coherent presentation from last year -- just as there will be those who warm to the impressive dynamics, clarity and separation of this system.

The bottom line is that it’s nice to hear a system that plays to its strengths -- and a setup that’s not afraid to exploit them. Just as there are those who prefer the Atlas to the Etna -- and vice versa -- this system clearly shows that the Audio Research/Vandersteen pairing isn’t just a one-trick pony. If spatial integrity and overall coherence are your things, then the Reference 250s and the Etna make a powerful combination. But once you’ve decided to pair the ultra resolution and dynamics of the Atlas with the Vandersteen amps, you’d better go for broke. That’s exactly what The Audio Alternative system did, to impressively dramatic effect.
Brinkmann Spyder w/two 10.5" Tonearms, an easy fit 
Momentum Preamp 
& Mono Block Amplifers
Momentum Integrated Preamplifier & Poweramplifer
Rick Duplisea, Owner 
The Audio Altrnative