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Whats Your Passion, Analog...Digital or Both?
The Audio Alternative is your home for the best in analog and digital source components.  Whether your brand new to either source, we can have you back home spinning LPs or streaming digital files for the first time, enjoying the music in as little as a few hours.

For the music lover with years of listening experience from either source, let us work with you to upgrade your analog and digital system.

From entry level to audiophile level components, we can demystify and answer all of your questions allowing you to enjoy both analog and digital sources for your music!

Analog Sources 
Digital Sources 
The Reference 75 Special Edition (SE) Stereo Amplifier now on active display at the Audio Alternative
The current Reference Series amplifiers are some of the most awarded amplifiers Audio Research has created - each amplifier has been designated Amplifier of the Year or Component of the Year from major trade magazines. In spite of such great success, the engineers and designers at Audio Research have been hard at work creating the new state-of-the-art in music reproduction.

In addition to changing from the KT120 to the KT150 output tube, there are a number of active and passive parts changes in the SE amplifiers that result in dramatic sonic improvements. Simply put, they are better in every way: purity and lack of grain, resolution, micro- and macro-dynamics, separation and instrumental focus, phase and time coherence, and greatly improved bass weight, authority and control. These improvements are immediate and gratifying.

Reference 75, 150, and 250 amplifiers can be fully upgraded to include all SE enhancements, adding further value and performance for owners of existing amplifiers. 

Vandersteen Audio introduces the Quatro Wood CT, the latest evolution in speaker technology and sound quality to derive from the research & development efforts that delivered the patented carbon-fiber Perfect-Piston drivers used in the flagship Model 7. While the Perfect-Piston Tweeter used in the Model 7 is the fully embodied deal of high-frequency purity and resolution, the Quatro Wood CT (Carbon Tweeter) features the superb Carbon Tweeter from the renowned Model 5A Carbon.

The Vandersteen Treo loudspeaker is now available in an optional Treo CT version (Carbon Tweeter). The Treo CT delivers a surprising amount of the air, space and natural purity previously heard only in Vandersteen’s top speaker models: the Quatro Wood CT, Model 5A Carbon and the Model Seven.

The Vandersteen Quatro Wood CT & Treo CT Loudspeakers are now on active display at the Audio Alternative
Treo CT
Emotiva XSP-1 Gen 2 Balanced Preamp, Balanced & RCA Outputs, MC & MM Phono  Input, 6 pair of line level Inputs (2 Balanced) and More
Emotiva Stealth DC-1, 24/192 DAC with full Preamp and headphone amp, Balanced & RCA Outputs 5 Digital Inputs & 1 Analog Input
The Audio Alternative's Mission...Since 1978
It is our ability to offer the best entertainment systems for the money. Quality is the sales expertise necessary to match components and systems to your environment and lifestyle.  Quality is providing a store with homelike demonstration facilities, making it easy for you to decide what you need.
We have taken care of our customers for over 37 years. Many of our brands--Audio Research Corporation, Vandersteen Audio, Wilson Audio, Linn and Rega - have consistently scored at the top of independent dealer loyalty surveys in overall reliability and satisfaction.  We have actively supported most of our lines for well over two decades. We will be here to take care of your needs for the long term.
Service is taking the time to listen to your needs and demonstrate to your satisfaction on a one-to-one basis that our systems will fit those needs.  Service is providing you reliable delivery and set-up of all systems purchased. Service is supplying you with a loaner if any component we sell fails within the warranty. Service means dependability.
In Suite 9030

The RMAF Premiere of the D'Agostino Audio Momentum Phono Amplifier

- The RMAF Premiere of the Brinkmann Audio Balance Turntable with Brinkmann 
   RöNt II Tube Power Supply, 12.1" Tone Arm and Lyra Atlas MC Cartridge

- The RMAF Premiere of the Audioquest Niagara 7000 Low-Z Power Noise-Dissipation System 

- The RMAF Premiere of the D’Agostino Audio Classic Stereo Amplifier Driving Two
    Wilson Audio Watch Dog Sub Woofers

- Our System's Front End Includes D'Agostino Audio Momentum Pre Amplifier and Momentum
   Mono Block Amplifiers Driving Wilson Audio Alexia loudspeakers

- Our Digital Front End Includes a dCS Vivaldi DAC and Vivaldi CD/SACD Transport

In Room 9026

- The RMAF Premiere of Audio Research Corporation's Galileo GSPre Preamplifier 

- The RMAF Premiere of Audio Research Corporation's Galileo GS150 Power Amplifier

- The RMAF Premiere of Vandersteen Audio's Quatro Wood Carbon CT Loudspeaker

- The RMAF Premiere of the AMG Giro G9 Turntable w/9W2 Tone Arm & AMG Teatro MC Cartridge

- The RMAF Premiere of the Audioquest Niagara 7000 Low-Z Power Noise-Dissipation System 

- The Rest of the Front End Includes an Audio Research Corporation Reference Phono 2
  Preamplifier and Audio Research Corporation CD6 / DAC

Suite 9030 Daily Seminars with the Garth Powell and the Audioquest
Niagara 7000 Low-Z Power Noise-Dissipation System
Join us on Saturday & Sunday at 10:00am in Suite 9030 with Garth Powell, developer of the Niagara 7000. Garth is the Director of Power Engineering at Audioquest.  Join Garth for an active demonstration and discussion about the Niagara 7000