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Audio Alternative offers a truly large variety of audio equipment, music and expertise under one roof. To really experience the absolute joy of listening to your favorite music, on high performance audio equipment, visit our store and come in for a listen! We are Fort Collins favorite audio experts since 1978.

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NEW Product Line at Audio Alternative — YG ACOUSTICS

YG Acoustics — Sonja XV


Sonja XV is an extreme, four-tower version of Sonja, created to celebrate YG Acoustics’ 15 year anniversary. It combines everything that we know about speaker design with next-generation technologies that cannot be found elsewhere. Sonja XV – an entirely new sonic benchmark, truly extreme in every way.

Remarkable in both form and function, Sonja XV introduced BilletDome, a one-of-a-kind resonance-free tweeter machined from aircraft-grade aluminum billet, as well as ViseCoil, a ground-breaking bass inductor that reduces residual loss and improves linearity, to the audiophile community. Both precision-crafted in-house enhancements, together with an ability to move near-limitless amounts of air, result in an effortless listening experience associated with the finest live musical performances.


Vantage is the latest world-class speaker to be added to our multi-award-winning product line.

This compact three-way speaker bridges the gap between Carmel and Hailey and incorporates seven key YG Acoustics proprietary technologies. Vantage is constructed from the same materials and precision production methods deployed in the production of our flagship, Sonja XV. Like its predecessors, Vantage is a transducer that delivers exceptional, life-like sound and is fully compatible with multichannel audio and home-theater systems. Vantage can stand alone or be combined with other YG Acoustics speakers.

YG Acoustics — Vantage

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