The Audio Alternative — Primary Listening Room

The Audio Alternative’s Mission Since 1978


Service is taking the time to listen to your needs and demonstrate to your satisfaction on a one-to-one basis that our systems will fit those needs. Service is providing you reliable delivery and set-up of all systems purchased. Service is supplying your with a loaner if any component we sell falls within the warranty. Service means dependability.


We have taken care of our customers fro over 38 years. Many of our brands; Audio Research Corporation, Vandersteen Audio, Linn and Rega — have consistently scored at the top of independent dealer loyalty surveys in overall reliability and satisfaction. We have actively supported most of our lines of well over two decades. We will be here to take care of your needs for the long term.


It is out ability to offer the best entertainment systems for the money. Quality is the sales expertise necessary to match components and systems to your environment and lifestyle. Quality is providing a store with homelike demonstration facilities, making it easy for your to decide what you need.

Rick Duplisea, The Audio Alternative owner