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Expert Turntable LINN LP-12 Upgrades and Tuneup

Since 1978 I have sold and serviced Linn Products of Scotland. My expertise with the venerable LP-12 goes back to 1973 when I purchased my first Linn LP-12 turntable. For the past twenty years plus we have received LP-12 turntables arriving from all over the United States for service, as well as implementing a large variety of high performance upgrades. I carry almost all LP-12 replacement parts and upgrades in stock at all times, as well as a fair number of available after-market upgrades.

The LP-12, with its assorted tonearms and cartridges, is now the longest lived high end audio product currently still in production, having been originally introduced in 1972. Over the course of that time they have taken what was a fundamentally correct design and, in evolutionary fashion, have proceeded over the intervening years to meticulously improve on all parts and parameters of this classic iconic design. In the same way that Porsche took the 911 from back in the early 60s and made it into today’s iconic sports car that all others in its price bracket are still being compared to, to this day, so Linn have also worked at improving the performance of the LP-12 over the intervening forty seven years. Because of the ongoing research by Linn to continually make the LP-12 an increasingly better product, it is still sonically way ahead of all its “revolutionary” turntable competition in their respective price ranges to this day.

i have a long and very deep reputation for excellent work and timely turnaround to all those bringing their cherished LP-12s in to be worked on, repaired and upgraded. There is no better place to have a Linn LP-12 purchased or serviced. I do all the work myself to insure that my standards of quality are meticulously upheld.

For those outside our local area, we can provide complete packing and all inserts for those who do not have adequate packing. I give easy, complete directions on how to pack and ship your unit, as well as simple, easy to follow directions on setting your unit up once we return it back to you. Call or email me with any questions if interested in what I can provide for improving the performance of your Linn deck.

Rick Duplisea

LINN LP-12, Upgrade

Majik LP-12

  • Krane Tonearm
  • Adikt MM Cartridge
  • Majik Power Supply


linn lp 12 upgrades selekt

Selekt LP-12

  • Arko Tonearm
  • Kendo MC Cartridge
  • Kore Subchassis
  • Lingo IV Power Supply


LINN LP-12, Upgrade

Klimax LP-12

  • Ekos SE Tonearm
  • Ekstatik MC Cartridge
  • Keel Subchassis
  • Radikal II DC Power Supply
  • Urika On-Board Phono Preamp


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SERENE — LP-12 Upgrades

Over the past 5 years Stack Audio has been developing and selling upgrades for the iconic LP12 turntable – The SERENE range.

SERENE II starts a new chapter for Stack Audio following an extensive two-year development programme. With SERENE II we have raised the bar with a new and expanded range of upgrades focused on retrieving even more musical detail from the LP12

soprano lp12 complete upgrade
components of lp12 serene ii update

Precision & Rigidity

The LP12 has been around for nearly 50 years  and not all LP12s start from the same place when it comes to precision. SERENE upgrades can be fitted to any LP12, significantly enhancing precision and rigidity in both the structural and suspended parts.

All musical information is picked up as vibrations from the stylus acting in the groove. The bumps and dips in the groove are at a micron level (a one millionth of a metre) and retrieving every micro detail counts in recreating the musical performance. By the application of precise tolerances, the SERENE upgrades enable the stylus and bearing to perform at their best, revealing a level of musicality that was previously masked. The rigidity and strength of all the SERENE components ensures the tolerances are maintained throughout a lifetime of use.

At Stack Audio we drew inspiration from the natural world – hexagonal patterns are prevalent in nature due to their efficiency in providing a perfectly rigid structure. The carefully designed hexagon structure on SERENE Alto and Soprano sub-chassis and armboards provides extreme rigidity whilst maintaining the crucial centre of gravity and balance the LP12 requires.

The LP12 is a suspension-based system where the correct centre of gravity is crucial to the balance of the suspended components. SERENE sub-chassis and armboards are carefully designed to ensure this balance is maintained, no matter which upgrade you choose.

Tenor Components


All Tenor LP-12 upgrades in a bundle package

  • Top Plate
  • Sub-chassis
  • Armboard
  • Cross-brace
  • Baseboard
Alto Components


All Alto LP12 upgrades in a bundle package

  • Top Plate
  • Sub-chassis
  • Armboard
  • Cross-brace
  • Baseboard
Soprano Components


All Soprano LP12 upgrades in a bundle package

  • Combined Plinth and Top Plate
  • all-in one Sub-chassis and Armboard
  • Cross-brace and Baseboard
  • Soprano Plinth available in black or silver
  • All components in AVDC technology